Northern Region of Investigation by IceBridge

Map of northern sea region between Alaska and Greenland with flight lines for both aircraft supporting the Arctic 2012 campaign. The planes will be based out of Thule and Kangerlussuaq, Greenland from mid-March through mid-May in 2012. A flight based out of Fairbanks, Alaska will investigate the sea ice between Thule and Fairbanks, a new and important IceBridge target area.

On this map, the orange lines represent planned flights for the P-3B aircarft and the yellow lines represent planned flights for new IceBridge aircraft, HU-25C Guardian/Falcon. The Falcon is a new NASA aircraft, donated to NASA from the Coast Guard in November 2011. IceBridge will be the Falcon's first science flights.

The flights include primary and secondary targets as weather will be a factor daily. Credit: NASA/Michael Studinger

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