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  • Map Overlayed on the Boat

    Cutting Into Arctic Sea Ice

    07.23.10 - "Over by the fish, below the soccer field," said ice scientist Bonnie Light, pointing at the Arctic sea ice from the bridge of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy earlier this month during NASA's ICESCAPE oceanographic mission.

  • detail of new, more accurate grounding lines

    Antarctica Traced from Space

    07.22.10 - The point where ice separates from land is called the "grounding line." For scientists, an accurate map of the grounding line is a first step toward a complete calculation of how much ice the continent is losing.

  • Sensor

    Arctic Voyage Illuminating Ocean Optics

    07.21.10 - During the ICESCAPE voyage to the Arctic, scientists have been looking at the phytoplankton in the Arctic's Chukchi Sea -- how many, how big and at what depths they are found.

  • Jakobsahvn glacier before and after losing 1 square mile of ice

    Mile-long Chunk of Ice Calves off Greenland Glacier

    07.09.10 - Jakobshavn Glacier shed 2.7 square miles of ice overnight as researchers watched the ice sheet rift and then retreat.

  • A large phytoplankton specimen photographed by the Imaging Flow Cytobot instrument.

    ICESCAPE Tracking Arctic Plankton

    07.07.10 - ICESCAPE has brought together a team of ice and ocean experts in the fields of biology, chemistry and physics to collect data across the sea in an effort to piece together the plankton picture.

  • Coast Guard Ship in Dutch Harbour

    To Sea! NASA's Arctic Research Voyage Begins

    06.15.10 - The expedition got underway this morning as the U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker Healy steamed out of this island fishing port in the North Pacific.

  • Healy Coast Guard Ship

    NASA Begins Arctic Voyage to Probe Ocean Changes

    06.09.10 - NASA goes to sea to take an up-close look at how changing conditions in the Arctic are affecting the ocean’s chemistry and ecosystems.

  • Antarctic iceberg collision

    Antarctic Collision Forms Rhode Island-Sized Berg

    03.04.10 - Iceberg B-09B -- itself nearly the size of Rhode Island -- collided with an Antarctic glacier last month, forming a new berg still larger than the European nation of Luxembourg.

  • artist concept of ICESat

    ICESat's Notable Moments in Science

    02.24.10 - ICESat has provided a critical look at ice thickness at Earth's polar regions over the course of its seven-year life. That mission is now coming to an end.

  • Large, thick floes of ice can be seen breaking off

    Missing 'Ice Arches' Contributed to 2007 Arctic Ice Loss

    02.18.10 - In 2007, the Arctic lost a massive amount of thick, multiyear sea ice, contributing to that year's record-low extent of Arctic sea ice.

  • Calving front of Equp Sermia glacier, West Greenland.

    NASA Finds Warmer Ocean Speeding Greenland Glacier Melt

    02.16.10 - A new NASA study finds undersea melting of glaciers in west Greenland due to ocean warming is playing a major, previously overlooked, role in their evolution.

  • Arctic melt image

    Arctic 'Melt Season' Is Growing Longer, New Research Demonstrates

    01.27.10 - New NASA-led research shows that the melt season for Arctic sea ice has lengthened by an average of 20 days over the span of 28 years.

  • Graph of Antartic Mass Variation since 2002

    Is Antarctica Melting?

    01.12.10 - The latest data reveal that Antarctica is losing ice at an accelerating rate, while surface melting recently has decreased. How is this possible?

  • NASA scientists are analyzing data from a field campaign to the Arctic, a major regulator of the planet's climate.

    NASA Gets Up-Close Look at Far Corner of the Globe

    12.16.09 - Taking a new look at how everyday human behaviors are affecting the Arctic, a major regulator of the planet's climate.

  • Gravity measurement data from GRACE

    Unexpected Ice Loss Detected in East Antarctica

    11.24.09 - A new study using NASA satellite data finds East Antarctica's ice sheet may not be as stable as previously thought. The results may have major climate implications.

  • still from animation

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent is Third Lowest on Record

    10.06.09 - This year's satellite measurements show the area of the Arctic Ocean covered by floating ice was the third lowest since satellite measurements were first made in 1979.

  • Satellite data showing ice thinning in Antarctica

    NASA Ice Satellite Maps Profound Polar Thinning

    09.24.09 - Researchers have used NASA's ICESat to compose the most comprehensive picture of changing glaciers along the coast of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets.

  • LIMA image of Antarctica

    A Tour of the Cryosphere, Take Two

    09.02.09 - In 2002, NASA created a video tour of Earth's frozen regions using satellite data. This year, NASA visualizers are taking viewers on a return trip to see what's changed over the years.

  • Image of floating sea ice

    What's Holding Antarctic Sea Ice Back From Melting?

    09.01.09 - Even as global air and ocean temperatures march upward, the extent of the sea ice around the southern continent isn’t decreasing. In fact, it's increasing and scientists want to know why.

  • Image of three polar bears

    Satellites and Submarines Give the Skinny on Sea Ice Thickness

    09.01.09 - NASA and other research scientists recently combined the high spatial coverage from satellites with a longer record from Cold War submarines to piece together a history of ice thickness that spans close to 50 years.