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IBEX Questions and Answers

IBEX will explore the boundaries of our solar system. Learn more about the mission through questions and answers.

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Did You Know...

IBEX: Did you know...
About Our Solar System's Boundaries

See if you can test your knowledge about this subject or learn more by reading about it.

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Links and Contacts

    IBEX news and multimedia
    > More up-to-date IBEX news
    > IBEX Fact Sheet
    > IBEX Litho

    The Voyager mission
    IBEX will go a step further than Voyager and it will provide measurements helping to understand the interaction between the solar wind and the interstellar medium.
    > View Voyager site
    > Voyager in World Book at NASA
    Members of the media, please contact:

    Nancy Neal Jones
    IBEX Public Affairs Officer
    Goddard Space Flight Center
    (301) 286-0039

    Andrew Freeberg
    Goddard Space Flight Center
    (301) 286-0746

    Maria Martinez
    Manager, Communications
    Southwest Research Institute
    (210) 522-3305