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NASA Loosens GRIP On Atlantic Hurricane Season

The flight crew for NASA's DC-8 took the GRIP scientists on more than 15 science flights in just less than two months

NASA wrapped up one of its largest hurricane research efforts ever last week after nearly two months of flights that broke new ground in the study of tropical cyclones and delivered data that ...

GRIP Hurricane Research Campaign Wrapping Up

This graphic displays the planned flight track of NASA's DC-8 flying science laboratory during its last data-collection flight in the GRIP hurricane and tropical storm research study. (NASA image)

NASA's six-week GRIP hurricane research mission nears conclusion with final flights of DC-8 flying laboratory and Global Hawk over Tropical Storm Matthew.

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NASA Studied Hurricane Karl Before It Faded

Visible image from the MODIS instrument on NASA's Aqua satellite shows Hurricane Karl after landfall on Sept. 17.

Hurricane Karl made landfall near Veracruz, Mexico on Friday, Sept. 17 and moved inland over Mexico's rugged terrain, which took the punch out of the storm.

GRIP Mission

    Visible image of Alex › Larger image
    This visible image of Alex was captured by the Aqua satellite on June 29 at 3:35 p.m. EDT as it churned over the Gulf of Mexico. Credit: NASA MODIS Rapid Response Team
    The Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes (GRIP) experiment is a NASA Earth science field experiment in 2010 that will be conducted to better understand how tropical storms form and develop into major hurricanes. This campaign will be conducted to capitalize on a number of ground networks, airborne science platforms, and space-based assets. The field campaign will be executed according to a prioritized set of scientific objectives.

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  • people inside a NASA DC-8 airplane

    As it Happens: GRIP Photos  →

    Ride along with scientists, with the help of Flickr, as they explore tropical cyclones. This gallery shows photographs snapped during NASA's GRIP mission.

  • GRIP Hurricane Mission

    NASA's Global Hawk Takes on Hurricanes

    NASA's unmanned Global Hawk aircraft joins the Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes, or GRIP, mission to study hurricanes.

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