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Technology Used to Understand Hurricanes (Instruments, Missions, and Satellites -- in alphabetical order):
Photo of a Gulfstream aircraft

Aircraft Used in Hurricane Science

Aircraft Hurricane website

Icon for the altimetry mission


Altimetry: To Identify Regions of Hurricane Identification

Altimetry Yellow Pages

Icon for hurricane animations.Animations, NASA Satellites, Videos

Eye to Eye: Seeing Hurricanes As Only NASA Can
September 7. 2004
Icon for AIRSAqua AIRS

Aqua's AIRS Web site

AIRS Captures 4 Hurricanes in 2004

Icon for Aqua missionAqua Satellite:

Aqua Satellite Web site

Building Better Forecasts
March 18, 2002
Camex 4 logo CAMEX Missions:

CAMEX-4 Mission of May - September 2003

"Dropping in on a Hurricane"

CAMEX-4 Hurricane Tracks for the Year

CAMEX Photo Gallery:

MSFC photo gallery: updated each hurricane season
Camex 3 logoCAMEX-3 Mission of 1998

CAMEX-3 Mission

CAMEX-3 Wrapping up with Flights into Hurricane Georges
September 21, 1998

Hurricane research team stays busy: Team flies 4 missions in 5 days
September 18, 1998

NASA Team Awaits Next Hurricane: Thunderstorms Continue
September 10, 1998

Hurricane Season Passing Its Prime
September 2, 1998

CAMEX-3 Preparing for Hurricane Danielle
August 28, 1998

Quite a Windfall
Aug 31, 1998

Bonnie Now a Hurricane
August 22, 1998

First CAMEX-3 hurricane brewing in mid-Atlantic
August 20, 1998

NASA, NOAA Team Seeks Secrets to Hurricane's Power
August 12, 1998

Scientists Analyzing Immense Data Haul From Hurricanes
January 15, 1999

In the Eyewall of the Storm

Icon to show computer trackingComputer Tracking Of Hurricanes:

NASA Goes Online With Extra-Tropical Storm Tracks
February 10, 2003

Icon for flying through hurricanes

Using Planes to Track Hurricanes:

Flying Through Hurricanes

Icon showing satellite tracking of hurricanes

Global Positioning System Technology and Hurricanes:

GPS System to Track Hurricanes
Understanding Hurricanes: Shaping Our Future

September. 8, 2000

Icon for the Jason projectJason-1 and TOPEX/Poseidon

Icon for the LIDAR Atmospheric Sensing Experiment

Lidar Atmospheric Sensing Experiment:

Lidar Atmospheric Sensing Experiment (LASE)

NASA Observations Improve Hurricane Forecasts
May 22, 2003

Icon for the MISR instrumentMISR Instrument

(Frances, Ivan Contribute to Hurricane Studies)
September 14, 2004

Icon for the MODIS instrument MODIS Web site

Icon for the SeaWinds satellite

SeaWinds and QuikScat:

SeaWinds and QuikScat

SeaWinds Casts a Closer Eye on Tropical Cyclones
January 14, 2002

Icon for the NASA technology of forecastingSatellites: (Various)

NASA Satellites Help Hurricane Forecasters Since 1992's Destructive Hurricane Andrew
August 23, 2002

NASA Technology Eyes Better Hurricane Forecasts
October 4, 2001

Icon for TRMMTropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Satellite