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Mary Estacion stands near Launch Pad 39A with Atlantis on the pad before launch.

Watch what it was like behind the scenes during Servicing Mission 4 with Mary Estación.

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Astronauts Upgrade Hubble

STS-125 crew
STS-125: Atlantis

Images, videos and an interactive feature on the historic mission.

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Servicing Mission 4

Servicing Mission 4 Overviews

What's Next for Hubble?

Hubble image in the background and the words "What's Next for Hubble?"

Find out what happens between the completion of a servicing mission and the release of the first new images.

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Servicing Mission 4 Essentials

image of an astronaut on the left and the Hubble docked in the shuttle on the right with the words Hubble servicing mission essentials

In May, 2009, astronauts will board the Space Shuttle Atlantis for Servicing Mission 4 (SM4), the final trip to the Hubble Telescope.

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STS-125: The Final Shuttle Mission to Hubble

Interactive Feature: Last Mission to Hubble

Meet the crew, learn about Hubble's new components, and see amazing images of the universe.

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In Depth

Wide Field/Planetary Camera 2

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