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NOAA GOES Program Manager
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Steve Kirkner
NOAA GOES Program Manager

I have 34 years experience with increasingly more comprehensive technical and managerial leadership in NOAA, NASA, and private industry, involving the design, development, and operations of all aspects of complex scientific, operational environmental, and communication satellites. I have experience in developing and executing programs involving multiple Government agencies, private companies, and international organizations. I have performed acquisition functions as a member of a Government acquisition office and as a member of private industry responding to a Government acquisition order. I have a complete understanding of schedule and budget, and management approaches.

I have been a member of NOAA GOES office for the past 12 years, initially as the GOES Deputy Program Manager, as the GOES Acquisition Manager and currently, as the GOES Program Manager. Earlier experiences include being a member of a NASA TIROS/POLAR project office as an Instrument Manager, as Spacecraft Integration Manager, and finally as NOAA-E Launch Site Manager. I have additional experiences on NASA’s EOS, TOMS, and TOPEX programs. My six years in private industry led to the successful building of two commercial communication satellites. I have led all facets of a major satellite acquisition program, including flight and ground systems, from development of user requirements, launching of flight systems, and operations of ground systems, to delivery of data to the end user.

GOES-N will be my tenth launch campaign, involving both expendable launch vehicles and the Shuttle. Each bring their own set of challenges, but I expect GOES-N to achieve the same level of success.