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NASA Direct Webcast Questions: GOES-N
Jeff from Merritt Island
What will be some of the new advantages provided by GOES-N?
I'd like you to tell me the reason why the Delta-IV rocket is to be used in launching GOES-N.
Could you tell me the weight or mass of GOES-N?
Besides keeping an eye on hurricanes, what other tasks is GOES-N equipped for? What kinds of science is GOES-N going to participate in as a geostationary satellite?
Sandy from St. Augustine
Can you explain the difference between the GOES and POES spacecraft?
Brenda from Bonita Springs
Will GOES-N help improve forecasting during this hurricane season?
Sam from Seattle
Why is GOES-N being launched from Florida when NOAA-N was launched from California?
Abigail T. from Albuquerque
How long is the GOES-N mission supposed to last?
Don from Santa Barbara
I read that there's a GOES West and a GOES East. Can you explain what that means?
Freeman from NYC
How long does it take for the GOES satellite to make one Earth rotation and how much of the planet does it monitor?
Kwaku from Accra
What role does Accra, Ghana, play in the GOES-N launch?
Tony from Chalmette, LA
In reading the specifications for the "N" series, I note that this satellite is 4 times "as powerful" as the existing satellites, yet the mission specs call for parking this satellite while awaiting one of the existing satellites to develop a problem. If this system is that advanced, why not use it immediately, especially given another above-average hurricane season forecasted?
Dixie from Pine Valley
Will GOES-N replace one of the current satellites or is this an additional one?
bill from Sacramento
Where will GOES-N be parked? Will it be in position to scan the Atlantic or Pacific?
Paulo from Lorton, VA
Will GOES-N be capable of sharing information with the Space Station?
Ron from Minneapolis
How long after launch does NASA turn over the satellite to NOAA? What has to happen before the handover occurs?
Marc from Bowie, MD
During the Launch of GOES-N will viewers be able to see onboard views of the rocket as it lifts off from SLC-37?
Deb from Porter, Maine
Will we be able to see GOES-N in orbit?
Kwaku from Accra
From takeoff, how long will the Boeing Delta IV vehicle fly before igniting the second stage booster? How far will it be from the surface of the Earth and at what speed will the vehicle be traveling?
Marc from Bowie
What rocket engine will be used for this mission? Could it be the RS68 engine?
Stuart from Charlottesville
Why the tight launch window for a weather satellite?
Ken Baer from Loxahatchee
Will this satellite be visible to the naked eye when parked in its orbit?
Jay from Palos Verdes
When will GOES-N be available for use once it is launched?
rich from ft leonard wood
Can GOES-N be used to predict tornado activity?
Raja from Manassas, VA
Will GOES-N also help in learning about Tsunamis?
Alex from Tiverton, Devon
After this satellite is placed in orbit, will the old one be removed from orbit and returned to Earth?
bill from york me
What is the lifespan of the GOES-N satellite?
John Gray from Dustin Okla
What new advantages does GOES-N have that separates it from other weather satellites?
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