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GOES-N: Mission, Spacecraft, Science and Technology Webcast
NASA Commentator Bruce BuckinghamHost
Bruce Buckingham
NASA News Chief
The GOES-N webcast took place on August 15. Click on the link below to learn more about the mission. GOES-N, first in a series of three GOES N-P, next-generation satellites, will aid in activities from severe storm warnings, advances in science and providing data to support organizations that work to save lives worldwide.

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Our Grand Prize Winner is:
• Stuart from Charlottesville

The winner receives a NASA Direct GOES-N prize pack!

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A portrait of Steve Kirkner. Special Guest:
Steve Kirkner
NOAA GOES Program Manager
Mission Introduction
Program Manager Steve Kirkner welcomes viewers to the GOES-N prelaunch webcast.
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Joel Tumbiolo, Launch Weather OfficerSpecial Guest:
Joel Tumbiolo
Weather Officer
Overview: Air Force Weather Officer Joel Tumbiolo offers the launch day forecast and reviews any weather conditions that may cause concern at launch time.
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Rick Navarro, Boeing Director of Launch ServicesSpecial Guest:
Rick Navarro
Launch Director
Overview: Boeing Launch Director Rick Navarro will review the Delta IV and GOES-N processing activities that have prepared the spacecraft for launch, and explain key countdown events.
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Image of André DressSpecial Guest:
André Dress
GOES Deputy Project
Overview: Deputy Project Manager André Dress provides an overview of the GOES-N satellite as well as the spacecraft's mission. Dress will also answer selected questions submitted to the mission question board.
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