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Genesis Spacecraft in Collection Mode
Artist's concept of Genesis spacecraft

This artist's conception shows the Genesis spacecraft in collection mode, opened up to collect and store samples of solar wind particles. The cover of the science canister contains one set of collection materials. It is the same kind of hexagonal silicon wafer array that comprises the stack of four arrays that were rotated out of the interior of the canister when the spacecraft began to orbit L1. The bottom three of the stacked arrays are controlled independently, and may be rotated out from the cover of the top of the stack to collect particular types of solar wind. Inside the canister is an electrostatic concentrator to increase the collection of light-weight solar wind particles. It is exposed when the array stack is rotated out. The two solar panels, shown in blue in this depiction, which extend to the side of the spacecraft bus, provide electrical energy for the functions performed by the rest of the spacecraft.

Credit: NASA/JPL

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