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Genesis Spacecraft
Artist's concept of Genesis spacecraft

The Genesis spacecraft will look like this as it faces the sun to collect particles of solar wind while orbiting L1. The spacecraft bus, which transports and cares for the sample return capsule, is shown in gold in this drawing. Extending from it are two hinged solar panels, which collect sunlight energy to provide electricity for the spacecraft's many functions. The cover of the sample return capsule, shown here in silver, opens to the top of this picture to reveal the Genesis science canister. The science capsule opens toward the bottom of this drawing, showing its lining of collector array material (here indicated as gold-colored hexagons). The stack of mobile arrays has been rotated out of the canister, and one of the lower arrays has been put in the collection position. In this drawing these arrays are heavily shaded; when at L1, these arrays will be facing into the stream of solar wind being shot out of the sun. In the very center of the science capsule is an electrostatic concentrator, shown here as a gold circle, which will enhance the collection of the lightest solar wind particles.

Credit: NASA/JPL

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