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  • Genesis Mission Status

    NASA's Genesis spacecraft, on a mission to collect particles of the solar wind, successfully conducted its first flight path maneuver yesterday after completing its first loop around a gravitational point between the Sun and Earth.

  • Genesis Spacecraft Begins Mission to Collect Samples of the Sun

    NASA's Genesis mission is officially open for business today, as it extends its special collector arrays to catch atoms from the solar wind.

  • Genesis Mission Status

    NASA's Genesis spacecraft entered perfectly into orbit around the balanced-gravity point Lagrange 1, where it will collect solar wind particles.

  • Genesis Gets to the Point

    NASA's Genesis spacecraft will begin its primary science mission of collecting particles from the solar wind when it begins to orbit a point between the Sun and Earth on Friday, Nov. 16.

  • Genesis Mission Status

    Within two weeks, the Genesis spacecraft, launched on August 8, will arrive into orbit around its destination -- Lagrange 1, a point in space between Earth and the Sun. The spacecraft is now preparing to begin its science mission.

  • Genesis Mission Status

    Two days after launch from Cape Canaveral, Fla., the Genesis mission continues to proceed exceedingly well.

  • Spacecraft Riding High to Catch Some Rays

    Genesis will become the first mission ever to return a sample of extraterrestrial material from beyond the Moon when it catches a piece of the Sun to return to Earth.