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Team Members Mark the Spot of Return
The Genesis team met at the Utah Test and Training Range approximately one year before the scheduled capsule arrival date of 9/8/2004.

Genesis team photo
Genesis team
Standing, left to right: Chuck Love (LMA), Steve Glenn (LMA), Joe Vellinga (LMA), Jim Baughman (JPL), Bob Corwin (LMA), Ray Haggard (Vertigo), John Ristvey (McREL), Don Sweetnam (JPL), Bob Axsom (JPL), Steve Brody (NASA HQ), Ed Hirst (JPL), Don Burnett (Caltech), Corey Borst (JPL), Pete Doukas (LMA), Don Sevilla (JPL), George Carlisle (JPL), DC Agle (JPL), Mark Stucky (Edwards Air Force Base), Leonard Brownllow (Aerospace Corp)
Front Row, left to right: Karen McNamara (JSC), Donna Bradford (JPL), Judy Alton (JSC)
+ Click for full image. Image credit: NASA/JPL.

Team members traveled into the desert to a location inside the capsule arrival zone, a large elliptical-shaped area that defines the area within which the capsule is expected to return to Earth. The team placed a plaque on the desert floor in anticipation of a successful capsule return.

The plaque is a one-foot square ceramic tile, color chosen to contrast with the color of the desert sand and vegetation. On the tile is a replica of a solar wind collector wafer (the silver hexagon), similar to those being flown on the Genesis spacecraft. A small description of the purpose of the plaque is affixed to the wafer. The location of the plaque is approximately 40 degrees 9 minutes north latitude and 113 degrees 22 minutes west longitude.

After capsule arrival on 9/8/2004, an attempt will be made to recover this plaque and replace it with a marker at the actual recovery location.

NASA's Genesis mission