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  • Lidar lenses seen in ALHAT ball-shaped housing

    Sensors Advance Lunar Landing Project

    10.02.08 - NASA is developing technologies that will allow lunar landers to automatically identify and navigate to the location of a safe landing site while detecting landing hazards during the final descent to the surface.

  • Testing at Moses Lake

    Moses Lake 2008 - Testing Lunar Robots and Spacesuits

    06.13.08 - NASA robotic vehicles and their developers braved sand storms and unprecedented temperature swings on sweeping dunes near Moses Lake, Washington to prepare for future lunar expeditions.

  • NASA-ESA Comparative Architecture Study

    NASA-ESA Comparative Architecture Study

    06.06.08 - Findings from this study include a significant mutual interest in the potential development of lunar cargo landing systems, communication and navigation systems, lunar orbital infrastructures, and lunar surface systems, such as habitats or mobility systems. The study also identified the significant value gained from redundant human crew transportation capability.

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  • The Lunar Surface Manipulation System (LSMS)

    Lunar Robotic Manipulator Passes Early Test

    06.12.08 - A NASA team traveled to the lunar-like landscape at Moses Lake, Wash., to figure out what it will take to live and work on the lunar surface.

  • lunar surface

    NASA Eyes Lunar Landing Site

    02.27.08 - NASA has obtained the highest resolution terrain mapping to date of the moon's rugged south polar region, with a resolution to 20 meters per pixel.

  • Lunar truck

    NASA Takes Off-Roading Off Planet

    02.27.08 - In a car commercial, it would sound odd: active suspension, six-wheel drive with independent steering for each wheel, no doors, no windows, no seats and the only color it comes in is gold.

  • This flexible dust screen is one of many technologies tested in Desert RATS.

    Kennedy's Desert RATS

    12.07.07 - Three teams from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida journey west each year to participate in the agency's Desert Research and Technology Studies.

  • The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 3rd Space Exploration Conference.

    3rd Space Exploration Conference

    Webcasts from the 3rd Space Exploration Conference, February 26-28, are now available.

  • astronaut shovelling

    Desert RATS 2007: NASA RATS Bring the Moon to Earth

    10.18.07 - Once a year, the Agency's RATS (Research and Technology Studies) team makes its way to remote a location in the Arizona or California desert to bring the moon right down to Earth -- Figuratively speaking that is.

  • artist concept of future lunar activity

    Lunar Outpost Plans Taking Shape

    10.01.07 - The agency's Lunar Architecture Team has been hard at work, looking at concepts for habitation, rovers, and space suits.

  • Desert RATS 2007

    Desert RATS Test Lunar Exploration Concepts

    09.12.07 - As NASA prepares for future missions to the moon, work is already underway here on Earth to test the planetary rovers, robots and futuristic spacesuits needed for the journey.

  • Apollo moon landing

    Apollo Pioneers Share Lessons Learned

    07.24.07 - Apollo-era engineers visited NASA Headquarters in Washington on the 38th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

  • inflatable lunar habitat laboratory model

    Camping on the Moon

    02.23.07 - If you climbed a mountain so high its peak poked through Earth's atmosphere, you'd know what it will be like to camp on the moon.

  • Crew Exploration Vehicle

    'Why Explore Space?'
    By Administrator Griffin

    01.18.07 - Today, NASA is moving forward with a new focus for the manned space program: to go out beyond Earth orbit for purposes of human exploration and scientific discovery.

  • crescent moon

    2nd Space Exploration Conference

    12.01.06 - Top leaders from industry, academia, NASA and other agencies meet to focus on implementing the Vision for Space Exploration.

  • Droids in the Desert

    Droids in the Desert

    09.14.06 - Arizona tourists may think they’ve stumbled upon a science fiction movie set if they find themselves near the state’s famed Meteor Crater in early September.

  • Thumbnail image of SpaceX Dragon crew spacecraft

    NASA Invests in Private Sector Space Flight

    08.18.06 - Two partners chosen to develop reliable, cost-effective access to Earth orbit.

  • Earth from Moon

    Wide Awake on the Sea of Tranquillity

    07.20.06 - Why Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin couldn't fall asleep in the Sea of Tranquillity.

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  • astronaut on the moon setting up instruments


    03.15.06 - NASA astronauts are going back to the moon and when they get there they may need quake-proof housing.

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