DISCOVER-AQ Instrument on the NASA P-3B
DISCOVER-AQ Instrument on the NASA P-3B

A photograph of the inside of the 117-foot P-3B NASA research aircraft as it was being prepared for deployment during the 2013 California campaign of the DISCOVER-AQ mission. The four-engine P-3B turboprop plane from the NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Wallops Island, Va., carries eight science instruments like the one in featured in this image.

Throughout January and February 2013, the aircraft will be flying spirals over six ground stations in California's San Joaquin Valley. Sampling will focus on agricultural and vehicle traffic areas extending from Bakersfield to Fresno. The six ground measurement sites that the flight path passes over are operated by the California Air Resources Board and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.

Credit: NASA Wallops/Patrick Black

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