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DISCOVER-AQ Aircraft & Ground Sites

NASA P-3B Airborne Laboratory

NASA's P-3B is a four-engine turboprop, capable of long duration flights of 8-12 hours and is based out of NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Wallops Island, VA. The P-3B will be flying at low altitude -- about 1,000 feet. The low-altitude P-3B flights will be easily viewable along the Interstate 95/Baltimore-Washington Parkway traffic corridor from the Washington Beltway northeast to Baltimore and continuing on to the Delaware State line. The flight path will also pass over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge near Annapolis. 
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NASA King Air Airborne Laboratory

NASA's Beechcraft King Air aircraft is a twin-engine turboprop, capable of 4.5-hour flights and is based at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va. From the outside it looks like a small plane that can carry a dozen passengers but inside it is a flying science platform with room for instruments and a member of the instrument team.


DISCOVER-AQ Science Instruments

For more detail on the DISCOVER-AQ instruments, please visit: http://discover-aq.larc.nasa.gov/instruments.php

P3-B Instruments


UC-12 Instruments 


Ground Site Instruments


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