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NASA - Comet Tempel 1 Ejecta Development
October 2, 2006

Comet Tempel 1 Ejecta Development

MThe following sequence of eight images depicts the development of the ejecta plume when Deep Impact's impactor collided with comet Tempel 1 at 10:52 p.m. Pacific time, July 3 (1:52 a.m. Eastern time, July 4) . The red arrow (appearing in both image 3 and 7) highlight shadows due to opacity of the ejecta. The yellow arrow on image 8 indicates the zone of avoidance in the up range direction. The 8 images, taken by the spacecraft's high-resolution camera, were spaced 0.84 seconds apart.

Photo Credit: NNASA/UM M. F. A'Hearn et al., Science 310, 258 (2005); published online 8 September 2005 (10.1126/science.1118923). Reprinted with permission from AAAS.

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