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 Outburst from comet Tempel 1
07.03.05 - Journey to a Comet (MRI movie)
This movie shows Deep Impact's approach to comet Tempel 1.
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 Deep Impact Interactive Flash
06.22.05 - Night of the Comet
Deep Impact is headed for comet Tempel 1 and a new interactive Flash feature details the historic event.
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 Animation of Deep Impact Flyby
07.01.05 - The Road to Tempel
This animation chronicles the travels of NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft, from its launch in January of 2005 to its dramatic impact 172 days later with comet Tempel 1.
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 Animation of comet formation
07.01.05 - Genesis of a Comet
This artist's animation depicts one of the most widely accepted theories pertaining to the origin of comets.
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 artist's concept showing impactor before colliding with comet Tempel 1
06.09.05 - Encounter Animation
This animation shows a conceptualized view of Deep Impact's encounter with comet Tempel 1.
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 Deep Impact is a daring mission
06.30.05 - A Comet Impact Simulation
Watch our video series that details planning for Deep Impact's encounter with comet Tempel 1.
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 Deep Impact on Discovery Channel
07.18.05 - Discovery Channel Explores Deep Impact
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 Rehearsing the Encounter
06.28.05 - Mission Overview Series
Watch our video series that details planning for Deep Impact's encounter with comet Tempel 1.
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 Deep Impact view of Tempel 1
06.28.05 - Cometary 'Sneeze'
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 experiment to show high-speed impact
06.09.05 - Air Gun Experiment
This video shows an impact experiment of a high-speed impact into a frozen comet-like material.
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 artist's concept illustrating Tempel 1 in visible (left) and infrared views
Space Telescopes Hone In
An artist's rendition of comet Tempel 1.
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 false color image of comet Borrelly
06.06.05 - Dirty Ice Balls
Spacecraft offer unique views of comets. Our new slide show features comet images taken in space.
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 Deep Impact's Keyur Patel
Deep Impact Mission Log
Learn what the mission team is doing to prepare for its July 4 encounter with comet Tempel 1.
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 JPL's Dr. Don Yeomans
01.26.05 - First Person
What are comets made of? JPL's Dr. Don Yeomans explains
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 Astronomer checking telescope at KSC
12.22.04 - Calling All Astronomers
Discover how you too can participate in the Deep Impact mission.
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 A view of JPL's campus in California.
02.03.05 - Why the Jet Propulsion Laboratory?
The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, managed by the California Institute of Technology, is NASA's lead center for robotic exploration of the Solar System.
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 George Diller reflects on launching rockets
Launch Services
Why launch anything into space?
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 Drawing of ancient astronomers viewing comets.
12.15.04 - Comets -- the Cosmic Nomads
Throughout history, comets have inspired curiosity, fear, fascination and dread.
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 Artist's rendering of comet impact
12.02.04 - What is a Comet Made Of?
NASA's Deep Impact mission to begin a new era of comet exploration.
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 The Deep Impact spacecraft receives its pre-launch check-out in a 'clean room' at the Kennedy Space Center.
11.11.04 - Journey to a Comet
Begins in Florida

The Deep Impact spacecraft gets a pre-launch check-up at the Kennedy Space Center.
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