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Deep Impact: Webcast Introduction
Jim Kennedy:
Hi, I'm Jim Kennedy, director of NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Deep Impact is an ambitious mission poised to liftoff from the historic shores of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. This mission aims to accomplish the incredible: blast a hole into a comet, Tempel 1, in order to see what's inside. Comets like Tempel 1 are thought to have existed since the early days of our Solar System. Scientists suspect that hidden within the comets are the very same chemical building blocks that lead to the formation of water and life here on Earth.

The secret of Deep Impact's success is its impactor. This 800-pound spacecraft will be released from its flyby vehicle to collide with Tempel 1. Onboard the impactor are instruments that will stream critical data back to Earth right up until the moment of collision. The collision will create a hole in the comet nearly 150-feet deep and hundreds of feet across. The watchful flyby craft will observe the impactor's blast and analyze the material released from the newly formed crater. It will be a spectacular show. Once again, thank you for tuning in today, and I hope you enjoy the Deep Impact webcast.