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Deep Impact: Mission, Spacecraft, Science and Technology Webcast
Tiffany Nail, Launch Services Support SpecialistHost
Tiffany Nail
Launch Services Support Specialist
What can a comet tell us about our origin? The Deep Impact mission was designed to help answer this question. Our webcast will explain how the spacecraft will collide with Comet Tempel 1 to search for clues to the formation of our Solar System.

Event date: Jan. 10, 2005
Program time: 2:30 p.m. EST
This program has concluded.

The following individuals are our Grand Prize Winners. They will each receive a NASA Direct! Deep Impact prize pack!
     - George from Scotland
     - Junichi from Niihama-city

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James Kennedy, Kennedy Space Center Director Special Guest:
James Kennedy
Kennedy Space Center Director
Mission Introduction
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Mike Stelzer, Mission Integration ManagerSpecial Guest:
Mike Stelzer
Mission Integration
Overview: Stelzer and Shaw (below left) explain how the launch vehicle and spacecraft were joined, or "integrated."
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Tom Shaw, JPL Launch Vehicle Integration ManagerSpecial Guest:
Tom Shaw
JPL Launch Vehicle Integration Manager
Joel Tumbiolo, Delta Weather OfficerSpecial Guest:
Joel Tumbiolo
Delta Weather Officer
Overview: Tumbiolo gives a briefing on the anticipated launch weather forecast.
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Omar Baez, NASA Launch ManagerSpecial Guest:
Omar Baez
NASA Launch Manager
Overview: Baez explains launch processing and key events to look for during the countdown.
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Dr. Lucy McFadden, Professor of AstronomySpecial Guest:
Dr. Lucy McFadden
Professor of Astronomy
University of Maryland
Overview: Dr. McFadden discusses the science and technology behind Deep Impact and answers your questions about this ambitious mission.
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