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  • New View of Vesta Mountain From NASA's Dawn Mission

    10.10.11 - A new image from NASA's Dawn spacecraft shows a mountain three times as high as Mt. Everest, amidst the topography in the south polar region of the giant asteroid Vesta.

  • NASA's Asteroid Photographer Beams Back Science Data

    08.11.11 - NASA's Dawn spacecraft is now in its first science-collecting orbit at Vesta.

  • NASA's Dawn's Spacecraft Views Dark Side of Vesta

    07.28.11 - NASA's Dawn mission, in orbit around Vesta, captures a new image from a distance of 3,200 miles (5,200) kilometers from the giant asteroid.

  • Dawn Team Members Check out Spacecraft

    07.07.11 - Mission managers for NASA's Dawn spacecraft are studying the spacecraft's ion propulsion system after Dawn experienced a loss of thrust on June 27.

  • When is an Asteroid Not an Asteroid?

    03.29.11 - When it's Vesta! On the anniversary of Vesta's discovery day, NASA's Dawn mission celebrates this extraordinary hunk of rock.

  • Dawn Opens its Eyes, Checks its Instruments

    03.21.11 - In preparation for orbiting Vesta this summer, the spacecraft's camera system and other instruments have successfully awakened from hibernation.

  • Dawn Gets Vesta Target Practice

    03.10.11 - Practice mapping of Vesta produces an animation and still images that show scientists' best guess about the surface and shape of the giant asteroid.

  • Engineers Assess Dawn's Reaction Wheel

    06.29.10 - Engineers are studying the reaction wheels on NASA's Dawn spacecraft after automatic sensors detected excess friction building up in one of them and powered it off early on the morning of June 17, 2010.

  • Dawn Re-Lights the Ionic Fire

    06.08.08 - Mission controllers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory have received a transmission from the Dawn spacecraft confirming it has re-ignited its ion propulsion system.

  • Dawn Finishes Mars Phase

    02.26.09 - With Mars disappearing in its metaphorical rearview mirror, NASA's Dawn spacecraft's next stop is the asteroid belt and the giant asteroid Vesta.

  • Dawn Images The Red Planet

    02.20.09 - NASA's Dawn spacecraft imaged Mars during a Tues., Feb. 17 flyby. The flyby effectively changed the spacecraft's velocity as it heads toward future encounters with Ceres and Vesta.

  • Dawn to Rise From Red Planet Today

    02.17.09 - NASA's Dawn spacecraft will get a boost from Mars gravity today. The spacecraft will streak about 549 kilometers (341 miles) above the planet at 4:28 p.m. PST.

  • NASA Spacecraft Falling For Mars

    02.12.09 - The gravity of Mars will change the Dawn spacecraft's path about the sun, helping send the probe toward its 2011 encounter with the asteroid Vesta.

  • NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Begins Interplanetary Cruise Phase

    12.18.07 - NASA's Dawn spacecraft has successfully completed the initial checkout phase of the mission and begun its interplanetary cruise phase.

  • 'It' Came From Vesta

    10.29.07 - NASA's Dawn spacecraft successfully completed the first test of its ion propulsion system over the weekend.

  • The Prius of Space

    09.13.07 - What if you need to motor somewhere three billion-plus miles off the beaten path - somewhere where neither regular nor premium unleaded have so far feared to tread?

  • Launching by the Book

    04.30.07 - United Launch Alliance employee Rosie Carver produces the massive, step-by-step guides to prepare Delta rockets for launch.

  • Countdown to Dawn

    04.05.07 - A high school guidance counselor told Jennifer Rocca that aerospace engineering was not a field for women. Luckily, the future systems engineer for the Dawn mission wasn't convinced.