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    Visitors explore NASA’s Driven to Explore traveling exhibit Recent Outreach Activities
    NASA’s Constellation Program is on the move again. This time its "Driven to Explore" traveling exhibit is visiting hometown folks in Kansas. The exhibit offers visitors a chance to touch a nearly 4-billion-year-old moon rock brought back from the Apollo 17 mission and learn about NASA’s Constellation Program.

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    ConstellationConstellation Multimedia Products
    NASA’s Constellation Program is developing a new space transportation system designed to travel beyond low Earth orbit to first establish a sustained human presence on the moon and then go on to Mars and other destinations. This program promotes exploration, science, commerce and the United States' preeminence in space.

    It is more than flags and footprints. It will help us learn more about our universe by going forth and seeing it for ourselves.

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    JSC Speakers BureauSpeaker’s Bureau
    This program allows JSC employees to share their passion for the space program with the community. Remember: You don't have to be an astronaut to inspire others about space! Employees from all areas of JSC are encouraged to volunteer and share their knowledge. PAO maintains a database of volunteer speakers and their areas of expertise. The Speakers' Bureau also recruits volunteer staff for events such as the Houston Livestock and Rodeo and the Texas State Fair. Want to get involved? For more information, please call 281-483-5111.

    panels Exhibits
    Exhibits focusing on NASA and JSC are available for loan through the traveling exhibits program to organizations such as schools, sciences centers and other venues that reach general audiences. In addition, these exhibits may be seen at local events, such as the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, as well as at events all over the country. JSC personnel can also borrow small exhibits and models for volunteer outreach activities. Spaceflight artifacts and models are often part of exhibits, and can also be useful tools for presentations.

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    Orion and space stationInformation Materials
    There are a number of products available for use by the media and public. These materials are designed to educate and inspire audiences.

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