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Environmental Assessment for Kennedy Space Center Modifications

This Environmental Assessment for the Construction, Modification, and Operation of Three Facilities in Support of the Constellation Program at the John F. Kennedy Space Center Florida, addresses the potential impacts associated with two alternative actions evaluated for the commencement of the Constellation Program on Kennedy Space Center.

The No Action alternative states that no facilities would be constructed or modified to support the Constellation Program, thereby delaying or preventing its implementation. The Proposed Action alternative addresses three activities that must be started before the anticipated completion of the Constellation Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement in June 2008. These activities are modifying the existing the Launch Complex (LC) 39B tower, construction of a Lightning Protection System around the LC 39B launch pad, and fabricating a new Mobile Launcher.

Most of the environmental impacts from these activities were classified as "none" or "minimal", but some of the impacts could potentially be major. Mitigation techniques are proposed that would be expected to reduce the potential major impacts to a minor level. Monitoring plans to assess the effectiveness of the mitigation are also presented.

+ Download the Final Environmental Assessment (6.5 MB PDF)

+ Download the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) (135 KB PDF).