NASA Biography: Jeff Hanley
Jeffrey M. Hanley, Manager, NASA's Constellation Program

Jeff Hanley, Manager of NASA's Constellation Program. Image credit: NASA

Jeff Hanley is the manager of NASA’s Constellation program. He is leading the development of the nation’s new spacecraft and launch system, which will take astronauts to the moon, Mars and beyond.

Prior to his role leading Constellation, Hanley was chief of the Flight Director Office from January 2005 until December 2005. Hanley had been a flight director since 1996, and he achieved certification for both the International Space Station and the space shuttle. He supported several space station assembly missions as a station flight director and was the lead space station flight director for assembly mission 4A flown by Endeavour on the STS-97 mission. Hanley was also the lead flight director for Expedition 1 and lead shuttle flight director for the STS-110 mission.

Prior to selection as a flight director in June 1996, Hanley was a space shuttle flight controller for the Payload Operations Branch of the Mission Operations Directorate since 1983. He served as the lead Payload Operations Branch project engineer for Syncom-IV-F5, Wake Shield Facility, Tethered Satellite System-1R and the Hubble Space Telescope first and second servicing missions.

Hanley has received numerous awards from NASA for his service including the NASA Outstanding Performance Award, the NASA Quality Increase Award, the NASA Sustained Superior Performance Award, the NASA Performance Award, the NASA Silver Snoopy Award, the NASA Exceptional Service Medal and the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal.

Hanley holds a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from the University of Houston and a master of science in natural and applied sciences from the University of Houston – Clear Lake.