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Ares Education

Visit the Ares Projects education page, your online source for Ares-related educational materials and information.

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Ares Public Outreach

Moon and Mars Exhibit

From speaking to school-age kids to exhibiting at your local state fair, Ares wants to share the story of America's new launch vehicles, Ares I and V.

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Ares Public Outreach: Latest News

    Ares Pauses to Recognize Accomplishments

    Ares IX Deputy Manager Steve Davis accepts the Spotlight Achievement Award on behalf of the Ares IX team.

    Ares I-X Deputy Manager Steve Davis accepts the Spotlight Achievement Award on behalf of the Ares I-X team. Image credit: NASA

    On June 4, the Ares Projects took a few hours away from the hard work of rocket design and testing to hold its annual Ares Awards Ceremony. This ceremony recognizes groups and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Projects’ progress over the past year. This year’s awards included an overall “Spotlight Achievement” award, presented to the Ares I-X team for successfully accomplishing their flight test on October 28, 2009.

    Group Achievement Awards were presented to 1,000 Ares employees participating in teams across each of the Element Offices, while 50 “Made It Happen” Awards were presented to individuals for their efforts. In her opening remarks, Ares Project Manager Teresa Vanhooser acknowledged and stressed the importance of recognizing team and individual accomplishments. In 2009, Ares saw not only the successful launch of the Ares I-X, but also testing of the first five-segment solid rocket motor, tests of the Ares first stage main parachute cluster, upper stage manufacturing facilities becoming fully operational, and extensive manufacturing work on the J-2X Powerpack 2 and first development engines.

More About Ares Public Outreach

    The Ares Projects Office is on the move! From speaking to school-age kids to exhibiting at your local state fair, the Ares Projects Office is committed to sharing information about NASA's future missions and America's new launch vehicles, Ares I and V.

    Ares Weekly logo Ares Weekly Summary
    The Ares Weekly Summary offers highlights and the latest activities of the Ares projects.

    > Feb. 11 Edition (PDF, 814 KB)
    > Previous Editions

    Artist concept of astronauts on the moon Ambassador Package
    "The next steps in returning to the moon and moving onward to Mars, the near-Earth asteroids, and beyond, are crucial in deciding the course of future space exploration. We must understand that these steps are incremental, cumulative, and incredibly powerful in their ultimate effect."
    > View Ambassador Briefing (PDF, 3 MB)
    > View Ambassador Briefing Script (PDF, 1.4 MB)
    > Power to Explore Video (Windows, streaming)

    2008 National Space Symposium Recent Ares Outreach Activities
    The Ares Projects Office recently exhibited at the 2008 National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colo.

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    Moon and Mars Exhibit Ares Exhibits
    The Ares exhibits program includes models, displays and multimedia that will enhance your event. Here you can learn more about Ares and other NASA exhibits and how to schedule them for your event.
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    Astronaut Cady Coleman speaking. Need a Speaker?
    Need a speaker for your classroom or conference? The Ares Projects Office can help you to make your event a success.

    > Contact the Marshall Speaker's Bureau.

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