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Ares Education

Visit the Ares Projects education page, your online source for Ares-related educational materials and information.

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Ares Public Outreach

Moon and Mars Exhibit

From speaking to school-age kids to exhibiting at your local state fair, Ares wants to share the story of America's new launch vehicles, Ares I and V.

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Ares Education: Latest News

    Teaching Ares Outside the Classroom

    Teaching Ares in the classroom

    Bob Armstrong speaks at the "Inspiring Constellation" Workshop. Image credit: NASA/MSFC

    As part of the Ares team’s ongoing efforts to engage students and educators, Outreach and Education Lead Bob Armstrong spoke at the "Inspiring Constellation" Workshop held at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center on January 12–15. The workshop, sponsored by Marshall Space Flight Center’s Office of Academic Affairs, aims to give information and curriculum ideas to those educators that interact with students outside the traditional classroom setting, such as staff from science museums, planetariums, and scout troops.

    The Ares presentation focused on Constellation mission objectives and the Ares vehicle architecture, as well as larger issues to engage students such as why we explore and what Earth-bound benefits are derived from investment in space. A detailed explanation of the various vehicle elements gave the group a look at the complexity of designing human-rated space vehicles, as well as an appreciation for how the Ares Projects are a nationwide undertaking of NASA and industry partners.

    After the presentation, the attendees asked questions about the project, ranging from international partnership to technical questions about the operation of solid rocket motors. The enthusiastic crowd seemed eager to take what they had learned back to the students and scouts in their groups and further spread the word about Ares vehicles and progress. As part of the workshop, the group also toured some of the manufacturing and testing facilities that are being used by the Ares Projects, which will provide them additional information about how these rockets are being designed and built.

Ares Education

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