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CloudSat Spacecraft Manager
Ralph BasilioRalph Basilio
Spacecraft Manager
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CloudSat Spacecraft Manager Ralph Basilio is responsible for the spacecraft system part of the global cloud survey mission. His 17-year career has entailed increasingly responsible engineering and management positions on both manned and unmanned space missions.

Basilio began his career as a structural stress and thermal analyst on the NASA prime contractor re-certification team that helped bring the U.S. Space Shuttle program back to full flight operational status two years following the Challenger accident.

Since joining JPL in 1989, Basilio has been involved in many of the Lab's most successful missions. He served as the Galileo attitude and articulation control subsystem operations lead, helping lead Galileo during the first ever asteroid encounter by an interplanetary spacecraft. He next served as the attitude and articulation control subsystem operations planning lead for the Cassini project. His contributions as the flight system testbed manager on Mars Pathfinder helped with the successful landing on July 4, 1997, as well as the mission's extended microrover operations. On Deep Space 1, a new technology mission that included operating an ion thruster, he held a number of positions - deputy avionics manager, spacecraft test manager and spacecraft operations manager. In these roles, he worked with 12 integrated product development teams and an industry contractor to achieve all mission success criteria, including asteroid and comet encounters.

In addition to his current responsibilities on CloudSat, Basilio also concurrently assisted the Orbiting Carbon Observatory Project, another Earth System Science Pathfinder mission, as the flight system manager during that mission's early formulation phase.

Basilio is a recipient of the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal, NASA Space Act Award and more than a dozen NASA Group Achievement Awards.

Basilio has B.S. and M.S. Degrees in Aerospace Engineering. He has completed all required coursework and is a candidate for the Ph.D. Degree, also in Aerospace Engineering, at the University of Southern California. He is also a graduate of the Engineering Management Program at the California Institute of Technology.