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Mission Support

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Launch Services Specialist
Tiffany Nail, Launch Services Support Specialist Tiffany Nail
Launch Services Specialist
Launch Services Program
Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

Tiffany Nail is currently working in NASA's Launch Services Program as a Launch Services Specialist. She serves as Editor of the LSP Newsletter and Public Affairs Liaison. She assists in the facilitation of increased public knowledge, awareness, and appreciation of the increasingly important role of the Launch Services Program in space.

Born in Cocoa Beach, Florida, Tiffany began her civil service career in NASA's co-operative education program at Brevard Community College. Her work experience in the Space Shuttle Program Launch Integration (MK) organization provided a valuable, comprehensive learning opportunity and overview of NASA's manned and unmanned missions, goals, and objectives.

During her pursuit of her college degrees, Tiffany served as a summer intern at the Brevard County office of space advocate, Congressman Dave Weldon. While employed full-time for NASA she simultaneously obtained her UCF Bachelor of Science degree and celebrated her college graduation (while a transient student her final semester) atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. She was also inducted into UCF's Golden Key Honor Society.

Nail's career track within NASA has also included supportive roles in Payload and Industrial Safety Branch RT-SOE-3, Quality Engineering Division RM-ENG, Shuttle Orbiter Processing Facility Quality Division EY-L, and Payload Ground Systems BR.

Nail has been involved in the performing arts since early childhood and is a graduate of Lisa Maile's Talent, Acting and Modeling School. Her interests include: fitness workouts, international travel, genealogy, and valued time spent with family and friends.