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CALIPSO and CloudSat: Mission, Spacecraft, Science and Technology Webcast
Tiffany Nail, Launch Services Support SpecialistHost
Tiffany Nail
Launch Services
Go behind the scenes for an in-depth look at CALIPSO and CloudSat - two satellites designed for studying clouds and aerosols in the atmosphere. Both spacecraft will use radar technology to examine how clouds and airborne particles impact weather and climate.

Program date: April 19, 2006
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The following people are winners of a NASA Direct CALIPSO or CloudSat prize pack:
• Junichi from Niihama-city (CALIPSO)
• Pawan from Sharjah (CloudSat)

James Kennedy, Kennedy Space Center Director Special Guest:
James Kennedy
Kennedy Space Center Director
Mission Introduction
The Center director welcomes you to the CALIPSO and CloudSat mission webcast.
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Darren Bedell NASA Chief EngineerSpecial Guest:
Darren Bedell
NASA Chief Engineer
Overview: Bedell discusses the technical details and challenges of launching two satellites at the same time.
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Chuck Dovale NASA Launch ManagerSpecial Guest:
Chuck Dovale
NASA Launch Manager
Overview: Dovale describes how the Delta II launch vehicle was prepared for flight and gives a briefing on the status of CALIPSO/CloudSat's countdown and launch.
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CALIPSO Principle Investigator David Winker.Special Guest:
David Winker
Principal Investigator
Overview: Winker hosts a video presentation highlighting CALIPSO's technology and mission, then joins Tiffany Nail in-studio to answer viewer questions about the spacecraft's capabilities and how it will study clouds and airborne particles in the atmosphere.
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CloudSat Deputy Project Manager Deborah Vane speaks. Video Presentation: CloudSat Science Overview: Deborah Vane, CloudSat deputy project manager, and CloudSat Project Manager Tom Livermore host a webcast video detailing how the spacecraft will live up to its name.
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CloudSat Principle Investigator Graeme Stephens.Special Guest:
Graeme Stephens
Principal Investigator
Overview: Stephens discusses and answers questions regarding the experimental CloudSat spacecraft.
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