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2002 Chandra X-ray Observatory News Releases
12.18.02: Chandra Finds Young Star Cluster Aglow with Mysterious Cloud

12.12.02: Chandra X-ray Observatory Reveals Pileup on Cosmic Speedway

11.19.02: Chandra Spots Active Binary Black Hole

11.08.02: Revealing Chandra Image Shows Mars Glows in X-rays

10.24.02: Keith Hefner of NASA's Marshall Center Named Program Manager for Chandra X-ray Observatory

10.22.02: Chandra Casts Cloud on Alternative to Dark Matter

10.03.02: Chandra Captures Evolution of Black Hole X-ray Jets

'Space Movie' Reveals Crab Pulsar's Shocking Secrets

09.13.02: Chandra Finds Surprising Black Hole Activity in Old Galaxies

09.09.02: Chandra Reveals Details of Tycho's Supernova Remnant

08.29.02: Most Powerful X-ray Telescope Marks Third Anniversary: Black Holes, Planetary Mysteries and Hidden Matter Revealed by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory

08.21.02: Unique Propulsion System Boosts Chandra's High-Flying Success

07.23.02: Chandra Discovers Dwarf Galaxies Give Universe Breath of Fresh Oxygen

07.16.02: NASA Extends Chandra Contract with Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

07.01.02: Chandra Discovers High-Energy Activity Heating up the 'Whirlpool'

06.25.02: Scientists Observe Light Fighting to Escape Black Hole's Pull

06.25.02: Astronomers Discover 'Bulls-Eye' Pulsar in Supernova Remnant

06.06.02: Chandra Detects First Possible Evidence of Gravity's Effect on Neutron Star's Radiation

06.04.02: Black Holes in Distant Galaxies Point to Wild Youth, Chandra Discovers

05.30.02: Marshall Center Engineers Share Secrets of Chandra's Darkness-Dodging Orbit

05.22.02: Chandra Captures Remnant of Star-Shattering Explosion

05.08.02: Chandra Offers Glimpse of Merging Galaxies

04.23.02: Chandra Offers Close-up View of Star Formation

04.22.02: When Galaxies Collide: Chandra Observes Titanic Merger

04.10.02: Cosmic X-rays Reveal Evidence for New Form of Matter

04.08.02: Chandra Sheds New Light on 'Coma Cluster' of Galaxies

03.28.02: Chandra Finds Well-Established Black Holes in Distant Quasars

03.13.02: Twin Quasars Tango, and It's No Mirage

02.27.02: Jupiter Hot Spot Makes Trouble for Theory

02.07.02: Chandra Scores a Double Bonus with a Distant Quasar

01.30.02: Chandra Reveals Plume-Like Feature in Centaurus Galaxy Cluster

01.09.02: Chandra Takes in Bright Lights, Big City of Milky Way

01.08.02: Chandra Finds Ghosts of Eruption in Galaxy Cluster