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2000 Chandra X-ray Observatory News Releases
12.11.00: Students Using NASA and NSF Data Make Stellar Discovery

12.04.00: A Cooling Flow in the Galaxy Cluster Abell 1795

11.13.00: Chandra X-ray Observatory Team Wins Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum Trophy

11.06.00: Catching a Galactic Football: Chandra Examines Cygnus A

11.06.00: NASA'S Chandra Captures Telling Gamma-Ray Afterglow

11.06.00: Chandra Observes Cosmic Traffic Pile-up in Energetic Quasar jet

09.12.00: Chandra Clinches Case for Unexpected Black Hole Discovery

08.22.00: One Year Later: Chandra 'Changes Way We Look at the Universe'

08.28.00: Chandra Image of Colliding Galaxies Shows 'Superbubbles'

07.28.00: Mystery of Cometary X-rays Solved

06.07.00: Chandra catches cannibal galaxy in the act

06.06.00: Chandra X-ray Images Continue to 'Wow' Astronomers

06.05.00: Chandra Observes Cloud Powered by Black Hole in Distant Galaxy

05.25.00: Chandra Clocks 1 Million mph Wind Expanding from Vicinity of Black Hole

05.17.00: Chandra Survey of Distant Galaxies Provides Evidence for Vigorous Starbursts

05.11.00: Impact! Chandra Images a Young Supernova Blast Wave

05.08.00: New Chandra Observations Shed Light on Young Supernova

04.25.00: Chandra Shows New Way to Measure Cosmic Distances

04.03.00: Chandra Discovers Possible Hidden Black Hole

03.20.00: Chandra Finds What May Be a Rare Type of Black Hole

03.01.00: Cosmic Pressure Fronts Mapped by Chandra

02.16.00: Chandra Reads the Cosmic Bar Code of Gas Around a Black Hole

01.14.00: Chandra Finds a ‘Cool’ Black Hole at the Heart of the Andromeda Galaxy

01.14.00: Chandra Images the Seething Cauldron of Starburst Galaxy

01.14.00: Chandra Finds X-ray Star Bonanza in the Orion Nebula

01.14.00: Chandra Image May Reveal Black Hole in the Milky Way

01.14.00: Chandra Finds Oxygen and Neon Ring in Ashes of Exploded Star

01.13.00: Chandra Resolves X-ray Glow into Millions of Objects