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  • Views of Phoebe

    Phoebe Science Highlights

    06.10.04 - This will be the only flyby of an outer satellite of Saturn and is the first close flyby of an irregularly shaped satellite.

  • The Saturn system

    Why Cassini? A Closer Look

    05.25.04 - The mission has many science goals, from understanding the planet itself, to probing the magnetosphere, rings and icy satellites.

  • Cassini photo of Saturn

    A Gas Giant with Super-Fast Winds

    05.26.04 - The solar system's second largest planet is made up mainly of hydrogen and helium gases, with a rocky core much like the size of Earth.

  • Cassini photo of rings

    Those Remarkable Rings

    05.26.04 - They're made up of billions of ice and rock particles, with sizes ranging from small debris to chunks as big as houses.

  • Titan, taken by Voyager 2

    Intriguing Titan and Other Moons

    05.25.04 - Titan is of great interest to scientists because it is the only moon in the solar system known to have clouds and a mysterious, thick, planet-like atmosphere.