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Spacecraft and Instruments

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Aura's Spacecraft and Instruments
The Aura spacecraft provides the essential services for operating the four scientific instruments over the life of the mission. The spacecraft, based on the EOS Common Spacecraft design, was built by Northrop Gurmman Space Technology and adapted for the Aura instrument payload.
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EOS Aura's Instruments, HIRDLS, MLS, OMI, and TES, contain advanced technologies that have been developed for use on environmental satellites. Each instrument provides unique and complementary capabilities that will enable daily global observations of Earth's atmospheric ozone layer, air quality, and key climate parameters.

The table below summarizes the atmospheric parameters measured by HIRDLS, MLS, OMI, and TES. The altitude range where these parameters are measured are shown as the vertical scale. In several cases the measurements overlap which provides independent perspectives and cross calibration of the measurements.

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