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  • Adhikary studying a computer model that tracks forest fire emissions

    An International Flare for Modeling

    08.07.08 - Atmospheric scientist Bhupesh Adhikary watches his 3-D atmospheric models in action from aboard the ARCTAS mission's airborne science laboratory.

  • Anne Thompson uses balloons to collect atmospheric data.

    The Ozone Symphony

    07.10.08 - ARCIONS principal investigator Anne Thompson uses balloons to collect data about atmospheric variables such as ozone levels, pollutants, temperature, humidity and pressure..

  • Photo of Terry Lathem

    Air-Quality Research Heats Up in California

    06.24.08 - Terry Lathem is participating in fieldwork in an effort to gain a better understanding of natural and human-induced emissions sources over California.

  • Nicola Blake

    Putting Together the Arctic Puzzle

    05.19.08 - Nicola Blake, an associate researcher from the University of California, Irvine, is working to uncover the mysteries of the Arctic atmosphere.

  • Arsineh Hecobian

    Sensing the Atmosphere of an Arctic Mission

    05.02.08 - Arsineh Hecobian, of Georgia Tech's Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, participated in ARCTAS by flying aboard the DC-8.

  • Daniel Jacob, of Harvard University

    Checks and Balances

    04.16.08 - Harvard University professor and project scientist Daniel Jacob relies on NASA satellite data for much of his Arctic research.

  • Mike Obland stands in front of a B200 plane.

    An Arctic Laser Light Show

    04.01.08 - Learn about NASA postdoctoral fellow Mike Obland and his work with a sophisticated, pollution-measuring laser beam.