Mike McGrath - AIM Project Manager

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Mike McGrath - AIM Project Manager
University of Colorado

image of Mike McGrath Mr. McGrath is experienced in systems engineering and management of space-based instrumentation and spacecraft, with emphasis on NASA science missions. McGrath’s career has encompassed detailed component design through project management. McGrath has knowledge and familiarity with instruments and investigations in X-ray, EUV, UV, Visible and IR wavelengths, and has experience at all levels of instrument and system design. McGrath has been the Engineering Director at LASP for the past 7 years. McGrath is a Professor Adjunct in the Aerospace Engineering Sciences department at the University of Colorado where he teaches the capstone design course in Spacecraft Design, as well as an introductory class in engineering projects.

McGrath’s outside interests include traveling, dry fly stream fishing, building houses, and listening to flute and guitar music.


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