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The goal of the two-year AIM mission is to study Polar Mesospheric Clouds, the Earth's highest clouds, which form an icy membrane at the edge of space.

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 Meet the AIM Launch Team
NASA's Launch Services Program gives the 'go' for launch!
Images of launch control, data center, and telemetry lab.

NASA Launch Manager Omar Baez

Omar Baez, NASA Launch Manager
The launch manager ensures that the countdown and launch decision processes are properly followed.
Senior Chief Engineer James Wood

James Wood, NASA Chief Engineer
The chief engineer is responsible for advising the launch manger of the launch vehicle's engineering and analysis status for launch.
AIM Launch Services Mission Manager Ron Mueller

Ron Mueller, AIM Launch Services Mission Manager
The mission manager serves as the primary interface between the spacecraft and the launch vehicle.
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Bert Garrido, Safety and Mission Assurance Manager

Bert Garrido, NASA Safety and Mission Assurance Manager
The safety and mission assurance manager is responsible for spacecraft and launch vehicle overall safety, quality and assessment of the launch countdown.
AIM Spacecraft Mission Director Joe Dezio

Joe Dezio, Spacecraft Mission Director
The spacecraft mission director provides the overall assessment of the spacecraft and its readiness to launch.
Joe Lackovich, NASA Advisory Manager

Joe Lackovich, NASA Advisory Manager
The advisory manager provides consultation for assessing the launch process and countdown.

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