Monika K. Schultz
Monika K. Schultz

Monika K. Schultz is an Engineer with the United Space Alliance and one of the leads of the NEEMO 14 mission support team.

Monika K. Schultz is an Engineer with the United Space Alliance, a NASA contractor at the Johnson Space Center. She was born August 15, 1967 in Pasadena, Texas but considers Nassau Bay, Texas her hometown. She is married to Sven E. Schultz and they have one son. She enjoys biking, hiking, sailing, diving, reading, and zymurgy.

Monika graduated from Clear Creek High School in League City, Texas in 1985 and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Rice University in 1990.

Monika has never really known exactly what she wanted to do when she grows up. She got an engineering degree because she was pretty good at math and science, she liked science, and it seemed like there were many good jobs for engineers. Originally, she thought she would find work in the Texas Medical Center since her primary interest was biomedical engineering, but then she decided that commuting from her suburban home into Houston was not how she wanted to spend so much of her time. So she decided to see what NASA might have to offer since it is right in her "back yard"'; and started looking up "Aerospace Companies" in the yellow pages.

After getting her degree from Rice, Monika began working for Rockwell Space Operations Company providing engineering support to the Astronaut Office on Space Shuttle payloads. In 1998, Monika accepted a position with Spacehab, Inc. to provide science mission management for their Spacehab module mission on the Space Shuttle.

In late 1999, Monika returned to work for United Space Alliance (formerly Rockwell) and the Astronaut Office. She is currently managing a training program to prepare potential International Space Station astronauts for the unique personal and interpersonal aspects of long duration space flight. She works with many different people to arrange classroom training, backpacking courses in summer and winter, and NEEMO missions for Astronauts. The most exciting part about this job it the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun outdoor activities. The most boring thing is dealing with all of the paperwork it takes to make it all happen.