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  • Astronaut Chris A. Hadfield

    Chris A. Hadfield

    Canadian Space Agency astronaut and veteran spacewalker Chris A. Hadfield will lead the NEEMO 14 mission. Hadfield has performed two spacewalks, totaling 14 hours, 54 minutes.

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  • Astronaut Thomas H. Marshburn

    Thomas H. Marshburn

    NASA astronaut and flight surgeon Dr. Thomas Marshburn has performed three spacewalks for a total of 18 hours and 59 minutes of EVA.

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  • Andrew Abercromby

    Andrew Abercromby

    Dr. Andrew Abercromby is an engineer working on the design and testing of spacesuit systems and rovers for future exploration of the solar system. He works for Wyle Integrated Science & Engineering at NASA Johnson Space Center.

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  • Steve Chappell

    Dr. Steve Chappell currently works for Wyle Integrated Science & Engineering at NASA JSC. He is helping to define and execute the research needed to optimize human performance in the next-generation spacesuits and EVA systems.

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