Michael Downs
Michael Downs

Michael Downs is an Engineering Project Manager and a member of the mission support team for NEEMO 14.

Michael Downs is an Engineering Project Manager with the IT Computational Sciences Branch at NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC).

He started working for NASA as part of the Summer High School Apprenticeship and Research Program (SHARP) in 1991, and has been hooked ever since. During college, he was a cooperative education student at NASA while pursuing his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida.

Mike's current responsibilities have him supporting NASA's Exploration Analog Field Tests (NEEMO, Pavilion Lake Research Project, and Desert RATS), as well as working the Constellation program's recovery and retrieval communications.

On NEEMO, Mike is responsible for the topside Mobile Mission Control Center (MMCC) trailer, voice/video/data communications systems, as well as assisting as a support diver.