Oceanus Procellarum - image strip
Oceanus Procellarum

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Mini-RF has taken this spectacular image strip across one of the most volcanically active regions of the Moon, Oceanus Procellarum. At top is the Cobra Head (24.7° N, 49.3° W; ~ 7 km diameter), the source vent of the long, sinuous Schroter’s Valley, a giant lava channel on the Aristarchus Plateau. The strip continues southward through the lava-filled crater Herodtous, into the maria of Oceanus Procellarum. Numerous secondaries from the Aristarchus impact crater are evident. The strip covers at least three of the sinuous lava channels of the Marius Hills volcanic complex, including Rima Marius itself near the bottom of the strip. The strip runs from about 7° N to 25.5° N latitude, roughly along 49° W longitude. Area shown is about 12 km in width and over 500 km in length.