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NASA Direct Webcast: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission
Mary from White Plains
Can you explain how the 6 months of aerobraking works and why it's necessary?
Penny from Merion, PA
Can you explain more about the Atlas launch vehicle? Why isn't the Delta or Delta II heavy being used as was used for the MER A and B?
Pawan from Sharjah
On our Earth, we have seen life at the most impossible places, places so hot or so cold that no human can stay there. So it is very possible that life even now exists on Mars but in microbial form? Will the MRO able to get some data?
Pawan from Sharjah
If the spacecraft fails to slow down due to some malfunctioning, what are the backup plans of the scientists for this problem, or if the spacecraft cannot be captured into orbit around Mars?
Pawan from Sharjah
What type of orbit will MRO be sent into once it reaches the Red Planet? Will it be used as a link by the MER A and MER B for sending DATA?
Pawan from Sharjah
How many kilometers above the Martian surface will the spacecraft fly so that it can use its SHARAD technology and CRISM technology?
Pawan from Sharjah
Could you explain more about the experimental navigation camera and how is it different from the other cameras that the MRO is carrying?
Juan Rodriguez from Gijon, Spain
Hi! Have you considered taking pictures of Pathfinder, Viking and MER landing sites? What about lost Martian probes like the Mars Polar Lander of Beagle 2? Thanks!!
Pawan from Sharjah
The spectrometers on MER A and MER B split the visible light into many colors which identify minerals. How is the spectrometer on the MRO different from the ones on the two rovers?
Pawan from Sharjah
Is the MRO going to assess the areas that have already been confirmed by the two Mars rovers that water once existed there? And can't the rovers solve the question whether the water there persisted long enough to support a habitat for life?
Patrick (aged 8 from Telford, UK
Why is it so important that the rocket has to be launched within just 2 hours on August 10th? What does it mean when you say that Mars is in opposition to Earth?
Could you tell me the orbit of MRO over Mars? Is it a polar oriting satellite to verify whether or not water exists as a liquid form or solid form on the Martian poles?
Spirit and Opportunity are on mission now. Are their Mars environmental data not enough for human beings to explore Mars? What MRO is going to let us know about Mars in terms of its mission?
Before NASA can send human beings to Mars, what will MRO tell us about Mars that MER A and B, working now working on Mars, haven't?
Since the atmosphere of Mars is not very dense, MRO is going to observe the surface of Mars in high resolution pictures especially over the poles, isn't it?
Peter from Basel
Now that NASA has three spacecraft orbiting Mars, why the need for another one? And why don't they take a lander or rover with the new orbiter?
Peter from Basel,Swiss
Could you tell me the orbital speed of the Mars Reconaissance Orbiter?
Could you tell me the reason MRO is to be launched not by Boeing Delta II but by Atlas? Is it because MRO has to be in the low orbit around the Mars?
My understanding is that MRO is an important step to send human explorers to Mars. How many steps will be needed after the mission of MRO?
david from New York
For each day of the launch window (Aug. 10 to Aug. 30) could you specify: 1. The launch window. 2. The time of the restart of the Centaur and the length of the burn.
Vincent from Murphy
Do you really think there is life in Mars or that humans can live on Mars? Is there some new technology to allow humans to live on Mars? If Mars really has living creatures, will you ever find any proof about it?
Maria from Orlando
I understand that Mars will be the closest it's been to the earth by the end of this month (Aug. 27th). After that it will become more distant again. How will this affect current and future exploration of Mars?
Heidi from Hopedale
How will the MRO's instruments see below the surface of Mars?
As for water on Mars, since water is both essential for life and for future human explorers, is MRO definitively able to analyze the data on water around the Martian poles in this mission?
Leroy from Milton, Pa.
How long will it take the MRO to reach Mars?
Donn McGinnis from Yelm, Wa.
What is the time delay from the moment a picture is taken to the time we see it on our computer screens? Will there be live relay of the MRO mission once the craft is in Mars orbit?
Justin from Falmouth
What will be the MRO's first science mission after achieving orbit around the planet? How long will it be before you receive any observations from the MRO when it arrives at Mars?
Tyler from Tracy,CA
When the MRO has reached space, will the west coast of the U.S be able to see it in the sky on its journey to Mars?
Tyler from Tracy,CA
What is the purpose of this mission to Mars and what will you be studying?
Serj from Philippines
What is the time when Mars comes closest to the earth?
Marc from Bowie, MD
Since this is being brodcast on Nasa TV, will it take place from the Atlas Space Flight Operation Center?
Marc from Bowie, MD
When the countdown clock rolls back to T-45 seconds, what happens from that point? Good luck with the MRO Mission and go ATLAS 5.
Craig from Huntsville, AL
How long will the MRO stay in orbit?
John from Baton Rouge
I understand that MRO is going to Mars for a NASA mission. What are they expected to find during this mission?
prateik from mumbai
Are the technologies being used for the MRO mission the same as the former orbiters to Mars?
Calvin from Abbeville
When is Mars comming the closest to Earth?
Judy from Athol
On August 27th, the Earth will be as close to Mars as it ever gets. Earth will not be this close again untill the year 2287. How much travel time will this save compaired to other launches? And will the pictures sent be clearer because of its nearness?
Wily from China Xi'an
How much is MRO's cost?
Jack from Shanghai
What's different between the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and the two Martian rover robots?
gadhadar from Bangalore
Why aren't we sending satellites into a low orbit of Mars so that the rovers that are being sent there would not have to waste their fuel and electricity to send signals to planet earth?
Steven from Spartanburg
How much fuel will be consumed by the MRO?
Chris from Arlington
Is the MRO suppose to tell NASA if humans can explore?
Why is Mars considered a live planet?
Preecha from Los Angeles
How will the MRO detect water in the surface or underground of Mars?
I understand MRO is supposed to find the most favorable place on Martian surface for future human explorers. Is the Martian pole area one of their options?
Ifikratis from Athens, Hellas
Are there any concerns for the deploying of the SHARAD radar as there was for Mars Express' MARSIS? Also, I would like to know if the SHARAD will be better in terms of depth and quality measurments from the Mars Express orbiter.
Upamanyu (11) from Calcutta
How long will MRO orbit Mars?
Elias from São Paulo
Can you explain how the sounder that is among the instruments of the MRO works? How can it find or look for subsurface water in Mars?
Elias from São Paulo
Is it true that MRO will start the process of construction of an Interplanetary Internet? Will the commom web users be able to control some of the MRO's cameras through internet?
Elias from São Paulo
Is it possible that the powerful cameras present in MRO could get some image of previous lost probes?
Elias from São Paulo
Is there any possibility of a link being estabilished between MRO and the two rovers already working on the Mars surface?
Aren from Vermont
The twin Mars rovers are exploring only two of what I assume are several potential future sites. Is there already a long list of sites for MRO to scout? If so, how will this spacecraft help you narrow down that list?
In order to put MRO in a Martian nominal orbit, does it take 6 months aerobraking maneuvering works to get activated to start taking images of Mars? Does it mean that it will take MRO about 7 months and 6 month-aerobraking maneuvers making it 1 year to get activated to do its work?
Jeanette from Kane, PA
Since one MRO objective is to search for and find a location suitable for future human exploration, what requirements or characteristics would such a site need?
Palak from Chicago
How will the data from MRO be different from that of the twin rovers, Opportunity and Spirit,that have shown signs of water on Mars?
Palak from Chicago
How will the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter find out about the ground's chemical components from orbit?
Is this mission going to determine where the future site will be where NASA will try to establish possible plant life on Mars, or consider looking for life underground near water deposits?
Michael from Lancaster, PA
I would like to know how many pounds of thrust each stage of the Atlas V has.
Victoria from Mt.Vernon. Ohio
What keeps the satellite's solar panels from burning up?
jason jahn from calgary alberta
In the movies out of Hollywood, they always portray the aliens as the life form that has exhausted their resourses and in search for a new planet. Has this become us?
Stacey from Redmond
An email has been going around about being able to see Mars this month, August 2005, and that on the 27th Earth will be as close as 34,649,589 miles to Mars and next to the Moon, will be the brightest object in the sky. Is this a true fact?
Aakash from Telford
Can you tell me the last launch of the Atlas family?
Jebarson from TN, India
I am a great fan of NASA. Please tell me if NASA is still confident to send man to Mars.
Upamanyu (11) from Calcutta
How many times will MRO orbit Mars?
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