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Apollo 12: Pinpoint Landing on the Ocean of Storms
March 6, 2012

LRO Camera view of Apollo 12 landing site

The Apollo 12 landing site in Oceanus Procellarum imaged during the second LRO low-altitude campaign. (NAC Image M175428601R) Image credit: NASA Goddard/Arizona State University
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This image shows the remnants of not one, but two missions to the moon. Apollo 12 astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean demonstrated that a precision lunar landing with the Apollo system was possible, enabling all of the targeted landings that followed. Bean and Conrad collected rock samples and made field observations, which resulted in key discoveries about lunar geology. They also collected and returned components from the nearby U.S. Surveyor 3 spacecraft, which landed at the site almost two-and-a-half years previously, providing important information to engineers about how materials survive in the lunar environment.

› Visit Arizona State University's LRO Camera website for more information and images

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