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Crater in the Lake of Death
LROC image of the lunar surface

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Bürg is a 40-km (about 25 miles) diameter, Copernican-aged, complex crater located within Lacus Mortis (the Lake of Death) on the near side of the moon. Complex craters, like this one, have terraced walls and a central peak (not shown here). The rim of the crater is along the right side and the walls slope down towards the left of the image. The terrace is about 3.5 km (about 2.2 miles) wide and is pockmarked with smaller craters. Terraces form as sections of the crater wall slump downward after the impact (image width: about 7.9 km across, roughly 4.9 miles). Note that there are very few impact craters on the wall of the crater. Usually fewer craters indicate a surface is younger, however in this case it's simply that material slides down the crater wall's steep slopes, erasing craters.

Note that LROC, LRO's camera, is powerful enough to see a shadow cast by a boulder about 8 meters wide (about 26 feet) at the contact between the wall and the terrace near the top of the figure.

LROC is capturing high-resolution images of the walls and floors of impact craters on the Moon. These images will provide detailed information on the processes that form complex craters.

Uncalibrated NAC data; north is at the top of the image.

Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University