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Fragmented Impact Melt
Western floor of Giordano Bruno crater › View larger image
Western floor of Giordano Bruno crater. LROC NAC M110919730L, 0.61 m/pixel, image width is about 737 m. Illumination is from the lower right, incidence angle is 42° [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

Today's Featured Image looks like a parched Arizona mudflat after a monsoon downpour. Not quite! You are looking at the broken surface of an impact melt pond inside Giordano Bruno crater. A surface crust fragmented into angular blocks up to about 40 m in width as still molten rock was drained from beneath a hardening crust. The small clusters of relatively bright rock fragments are likely boulders that rolled down from the nearby steep walls.

Context map around Giordano Bruno crater. › View larger image
Context map around Giordano Bruno crater. Image center is 36.09°N, 102.83°E. LROC WAC 100 m/pix mosaic. Blue box at the image center corresponds to the footprint of today's featured NAC image [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

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