Observations and Impact Timing
Earth This image shows the terrestrial landmasses that will be facing the Moon at the projected time of impact. This is the view of the Earth as seen from the lunar south pole at the time of impact.
Credit: NASA
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The LCROSS Centaur impact is scheduled for 4:31:19 a.m. PDT or 7:31:19 a.m. EDT (11:31:19 UTC) on October 9, 2009. The shepherding spacecraft will impact at 4:35:45 a.m. PDT or 7:35:45 a.m. EDT (11:35:45 UTC). Mission scientists estimate that the Centaur impact debris plume should be in view several seconds after Centaur impact and will peak in brightness at 30 to 100 seconds after impact.

Lunar Impact Locations
Centaur: -84.675, 311.275 E
Shepherding spacecraft: -84.729, 310.64 E

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Time Zone Lighting Conditions for Viewing
Eastern Daybreak will prevent viewing of the debris plumes.
Central Best viewing is West of the Mississippi River.
Mountain Excellent lighting conditions.
Pacific Excellent lighting conditions.
Alaska Excellent lighting conditions.
Hawaii Excellent lighting conditions.