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TIM Instrument Scientist
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Greg Kopp
TIM Instrument Scientist
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Greg Kopp, the TIM Instrument Scientist for the Glory mission, is an experimental solar physicist and instrumentation scientist. He's a specialist in radiometry, interferometry, electro-optics, and infrared systems, as well as satellite, airborne, and ground-based facility instrumentation.

Kopp has worked at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder for 9 years. His mission experience includes: Glory/TIM Principal Investigator and Science Team lead, Hyperspectral Imager Instrument Incubator Program Principal Investigator, TSI Radiometer Facility Principal Investigator, SORCE Co-Investigator and TIM Instrument Scientist, NPOESS/TSIS/TIM Instrument Scientist and NPOESS/TSIS OAT member, CLARREO Science Team Working Group member, NORM ISS instrument collaborator, GOES-R XRS Instrument Scientist (2005 Formulation Phase), Kepler planetary transit star field simulator demonstration PI (2002), Leading international effort to resolve total solar irradiance accuracy issues. Kopp received his B.S., honors degree from California Institute of Technology and his Ph.D from Stanford University.