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Deputy Project Manager
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Deputy Project Manager
Andre' Dress

Andre' Dress began his professional career as a NASA contractor with Ford Aerospace on the Landsat 4/5 program and specialized in mission operations and attitude control. He began working with NASA contractor Computer Sciences Corporation in 1992 as the attitude control systems lead for the launch of the GOES 8 and GOES 9 spacecraft. In 1997, Dress served as the spacecraft manager for the launch of the GOES 10 spacecraft, joining NOAA after launch as the lead engineer for the GOES constellation. He was also the spacecraft manager for the launch of the GOES-11 spacecraft.

In 2001, Dress began a detail as the NOAA GOES N-P Observatory Manager for NASA and transitioned to NASA in 2004. Dress is currently the Deputy Project Manager for the GOES N-P program and served as the NASA Launch Manager for the launch of the GOES 13 spacecraft.

Dress holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland and a Masters of Science degree in Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. When not working Andre’ enjoys Camping, playing the trumpet, working out, playing racket ball, brewing beer, and spending time with his family.