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Dr. William S. Paciesas - Principal Investigator, Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor
Photo of Dr. William Paciesas William S. (Bill) Paciesas is Research Professor of Physics and Associate Director of the Center for Space Plasma and Aeronomic Research at the University of Alabama (UA) in Huntsville.

Since 2009, he has been the Principal Investigator for the Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM). Paciesas was a GBM co-investigator from 2000 to 2008 and also served as the GBM Ground System Manager. From 1982 to 2002, he worked on the Burst and Transient Source Experiment (BATSE) on the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory, first as Mission Operations Software Development Manager and, from 1994, as co-investigator.

A member of the research faculty at UA Huntsville since 1982, Paciesas previously worked as a Research Associate in physics at the University of Maryland (1980–1982) and as a National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council Resident Research associate at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (1978–1980). Paciesas received NASA Group Achievement Awards for the Spacelab 2 Nuclear Radiation Monitor, BATSE, the BATSE Occultation Analysis Team and the GRO Operations Working Group. He also received a NASA/GSFC Certificate of Appreciation for GBM Development and Testing.

Paciesas was co-editor of the book Gamma-Ray Bursts, Huntsville 1991 (AIP Conference Proceedings No. 265) and has been author or co-author of more than 140 refereed publications and more than 345 non-refereed publications.

He is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Astronomical Society, the American Physical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society, and the International Astronomical Union.

Paciesas holds a Ph. D. in physics from the University of California, San Diego, and received a B. S. in physics from Seton Hall University, South Orange, N.J.

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