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Education and Public Outreach Products for Fermi from Sonoma State University

Online Activities can be found at:
Following are a list of activities and descriptions of them with the direct links to them:

The Fermi Educator Ambassadors program:

Fermi supports 10 Educator Ambassadors that help develop, test, and disseminate educational materials based on science from NASA's Astrophysics Division of the Science Mission Directorate. There are now 18 Educator Ambassadors in this program.


The Global Telescope Network - Use real astronomical data in your classroom:

Fermi Classroom Materials:

Printed Materials:






Active Galaxy Education Unit

The Fermi E/PO team has developed a set of three activities to teach students about active galaxies. All three activities are aligned with the national science and mathematics standards. A beautiful poster illustrating an Active Galaxy features one of the three activities on the reverse side.





Miscellaneous Fermi Education Products


Additional Fermi Education and Public Outreach Efforts at UC Santa Cruz :