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GLAST Prelaunch Webcast
Artist's drawing of the GLAST spacecraft Live now! Join the GLAST webcast and learn more about the spacecraft, the rocket and the goals of this exciting mission.
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Tiffany Nail Tiffany Nail, Launch Services Specialist
Join host Tiffany Nail for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the GLAST mission.

Guests include:

Omar Baez Omar Baez, NASA Launch Director
Join GLAST's launch director at the Mission Directors Center where he'll explain how the countdown will unfold on launch day.

Bruce Reid Bruce E. Reid, Launch Services Program Mission Manager
GLAST's mission manger will explain how the rocket and spacecraft are prepared for launch.

Dr. Steven Ritz Dr. Steven Ritz, GLAST Project Scientist and Astrophysicist
GLAST's project scientist will answer questions about the goals of the mission.